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We are aware of the fact that, the quality of the given service and the customer satisfaction is directly related with the employee quality of the firm. The main targets of the firm are working with creative and qualified people and creating a work atmosphere in which team working and solidarity.

If you want to be a member of our team, please fill in and submit the form below. Your application will be immediately evaluated and when suitable vacancies are occurred you will be directly informed.


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Promer Experience for Youngsters

How to make an internship in Promer?

As Promer Engineering, we see successful university students who would like to do internships in our company as potential colleagues. You can apply for an internship at our company between January and May each year by filling out the application form on the link. Department vacancies will be announced on our website in May every year.

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We Believe in Young Generations

How to get a scholarship from Promer?

As Promer Engineering, we are aware of our responsibility for the future generations. In this respect, we provide scholarships to university students considering needs and academic success. You can apply for a scholarship by filling out the application form on the link. We also see our scholars as part of the Promer family and invite them to various events in our company. Scholarship applications are evaluated in September every year.

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