PROMER Consultancy Engineering Inc.® was established in 1996 to provide consultancy and engineering services to private and public sector companies in in both Turkey and abroad. 

PROMER Consultancy Engineering Inc.®, which is used to doing business with foreign investors or consultants in international projects, represents Turkish Engineering at the highest level internationally.

PROMER Consultancy Engineering Inc.®, has the ability to use the most advanced technological design and detailing instruments at the current national and international design codes.

PROMER Consultancy Engineering Inc.®, which devotes a significant share of its resources to research and development activities, has developed many innovative ideas and products in the fields of engineering and technical consultancy and conducts research studies with universities.

PROMER Consultancy Engineering Inc.®, which has adopted the principle of lifelong learning, contributes to the training of qualified and competent engineers by supporting the development of its employees both technically and socially.

PROMER Consultancy Engineering Inc.® with the flexibility of being a boutique engineering and consulting firm, accomplishes the services required by its customers by forming the projects teams according to the quality and quantity requirements of the project.

As an independent engineering and technical consultancy firm, PROMER Consultancy Engineering Inc.® can fully concentrate on the goals and objectives of its customers.

PROMER Consultancy Engineering Inc.® is certified by TUV NORD for integrated management systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Standard ISO 45001. PROMER Consultancy Engineering Inc.® has gained the praises of its customers by using the latest techniques in the Engineering and Consultancy industry and the current international codes, accomplishing the projects within the determined budget and time, and providing feasible and applicable solutions to the projects involved.

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Member of the Executive Board


Our Policies

ISG Policy

Our fundamental goal is to prevent injuries, work accidents, and occupational diseases among all our employees in compliance with current legislation. To achieve this goal, we aim for our Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) management system to contribute to our designs, and we ensure its policy, objectives, and targets are periodically reviewed for continuous improvement. We also aim to comply with relevant legal regulations and conditions, as well as customer requirements.

Environmental Policy

As Promer Engineering and Consulting, our primary goal is not only to be environmentally conscious within our working areas but also to ensure the implementation of the following principles in projects where we contribute within our scope of activities, with the aim of environmental protection.
"With this purpose in mind:

We aim to question our consumption habits to reduce waste, segregate waste at its source, and prevent pollution. We strive to reduce the use of natural resources and ensure their efficient utilization. We are committed to complying with relevant legal regulations and conditions, as well as customer requirements, regarding Promer's activities. We aspire to ensure the periodic review and continuous improvement of our system's policies, objectives, and targets.

Quality Policy

Our aim is to contribute to the realization of our national and international clients' investments by providing the highest level of engineering and/or consultancy services. We do this by aligning their investments with their targeted environmental, social, and financial objectives, incorporating the latest international engineering and consultancy developments, leveraging our experiences in similar investments, and utilizing our skilled workforce. Our goal is to support our clients in the execution of their projects.

As part of this aim, Promer Consulting Engineering Co. Ltd. ensures the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System within the framework of legal regulations, not only during service provision but also after the investment becomes operational. It tracks all the environmental, social, and economic impacts, both positive and negative, of the services it provides. Utilizing the data obtained, it continuously improves and implements the engineering and consultancy methods used during service delivery. Promer aims to meet applicable conditions and instill this understanding throughout all its teams.